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Top 5 House Flipping Design Trends of 2021-2022

Whether you’ve been flipping homes for a while or you’re a beginner, you have no doubt realized that there’s a lot to learn. Flipping a house can be a daunting task. There are so many styles and avenues you can take when creating someone else’s dream home, so where do you start? To successfully flip a house, the best place to start is by looking at the trends for the past year and the ones coming up. We took a look at 2021-2022 trends, and here are our takeaways… Hopefully they lead to your next flipping success story!

  1. Automation

Automation is designed to make life easier. More and more people are equipping their homes with automated features, such as hands-free faucets, motion sensor lights, and voice-activated tools. All of these and more are just another way technology is being integrated into our everyday lives. Automation not only makes things easier but cleaner too. And in today’s world, it’s crucial to be conscious of cleanliness.

  1. Light and Bright Color Palettes

With so much time being spent inside this year, brightening up a space has become increasingly important. Since going outside has been limited for so many, bringing light to your home creates the illusion of the outdoors permeating your life. We can have our daily walks and quick errands, but nothing replaces the light that fills the space you spend the most time in. Colors like beige, sand and taupe create a feeling of nature without being too overwhelming or over-the-top bright like white can sometimes be. Try integrating these Earthy colors into your palette and watch your flip fly off the market.

  1. Location is key

This topic, again, has to do with how much time is being spent at home. In 2021, many people traded centrally located apartments and smaller properties for spacious, suburban dwellings. Space and separation have become ever so important to people. Having designated areas for work, play, and relaxation has become more essential to homebuyers since so many are working from home right now and for the foreseeable future. It’s no longer a priority to be close to restaurants and recreation, but to have the space to create those things yourself.

  1. Open Floor Plans are Out

Open floor plans have dominated the home design arena for several years. Having wide-open spaces and sprawling sightlines was a must for many homebuyers. But now, with work, school, relaxation, and entertainment all occurring more often in the home, having designated areas for all those activities is now more desirable than having open space. This is, once again, a pandemic-driven trend. No one could have expected this kind of shift in lifestyle, but now we can be prepared. Flippers should take things like the pandemic into consideration when designing the layout for a house. It’s imperative to create spaces that people not only want but need.

  1. Nature Is In

The last in a line of pandemic-related trends, bringing the outdoors into your home has gone mainstream. Whether it’s through a selection of natural woods, ceramic accents, or home gardens and plants, people love feeling at home in a jungle of sorts. Being a plant parent is incredibly popular these days, especially among Millennials and Gen-Z’ers. Having plants and natural elements in your home is proven to boost mood and morale, another perk of bringing nature-inspired pieces into your design.

With style and aesthetic constantly in flux, the best way to keep up is to be aware of what’s ahead while not forgetting what has traditionally worked. What will 2022 bring? We predict a firm emphasis on defined spaces with bright, natural details. Automation will be key to creating a modern, updated home, and the suburbs are attracting many who previously vowed never to leave the city. These trends are reflective of what the world looks like today and what it might look like in the future. Following these trends will help you create a successful flip property in an uncertain world.

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