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Are you an investor looking for above-market returns on your portfolio? There’s an investment company that specializes in offering secure and diversified options: Precision Capital. Precision Capital originates private and hard money loans and sells them to private investors for income.

Call today to discuss investing options and how we might help you achieve your financial goals.

Your Partner in Prosperity

If events of the past year have taught us anything, it’s that the stock market cannot be relied upon to provide a stable rate-of-return on your investment. We offer investment guidance and tangible asset acquisitions that offers some of the most secure investments out there, even in the most adverse economic conditions. Let Precision Capital show you how easy it is to get solid returns. Call our office to get started!

Ask Us About Borrowing

We do Ish

At Precision Capital, we employ this {ISH} concept to the advantage of our clients who want to borrow. So if you’re “kind of” this type of borrower, but “sort of” that type of borrower, too, we can help you. If you need to secure capital for a transaction, but your credit is “almost, but not exactly” exceptional, call us. We’re confident you’ll agree, we do {ISH} and we do it well!

According to the dictionary, “ish” is:

A formal and concise statement meaning “kind of,” “sort of,” “nearly,” “sometimes,” “or so.”

Used to show that something is almost, but not completely exact; roughly or approximate.


About Us

Read about our unique options for investors and financing solutions for borrowers.



Learn about the types of properties we offer financing for. Get the money you need. Apply today.



We’ll help your money work smarter. We offer investment options for all levels of investors.


Giving Back

Learn how Precision Capital gives back to the community through The Integrity Foundation.

What our Borrowers Have to Say

This is probably the most dramatic transformation Precision has enabled my business to complete.

Dave W.

Precision Capital is my go-to lender whenever I have a great deal and need quick money to fund it.

Lowell Y.

Excellent customer service… I am impressed.

Tim T.

My business has increased by 18% due to Precision’s speed on funding my purchases.

Michael Kitt

What Our Investors Have to Say

I have been an investor with Precision Capital for five years. My experience with them has been very positive. The staff is professional and responsive. Investment updates have been provided, even during the pandemic. Big thumbs up!

Precision Capital is a great private money group that helps investors obtain a solid return year after year. They do that because they make solid investments in real estate. They are a reputable company who stands behinds their promises! I invest with them myself as well as my clients. I highly recommend their services.

Precision Capital operates on a highly professional level in the business of lending money. Many are the beneficial projects which happen because of this “private money” source of short term funds. Overall the goal is to assist in increasing the value and utility of real properties and produce a secured and steady cash flow return to investors. The communication from Precision Capital to its investors is timely and true. Sign me a pleased investor for over five years.

I trust you with my hard-earned money and to me, that peace of mind is priceless.

Doris S., Investor since 1981

It’s nice making money while I am sleeping!

Bill G., Investor since 1984

We enjoy the passive income.

Gene F., Investor since 1993