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Innovative Lending & Investing Solutions

Precision Capital provides borrowers from all walks of life the opportunity to obtain private loans that are affordable and scalable for their needs. We also offer investors the ability to diversify their portfolios by investing in Notes secured by Real Estate.


About Us

Learn about our investment options or  financing solutions for borrowers.



We offer financing for many types of properties. Get the money you need. Apply today.



We’ll help your money work smarter.


Giving Back

Learn how Precision Capital gives back to the community through The Integrity Foundation.

Helping you invest & diversify your Portfolio

Are you an investor looking for exceptional returns and diversification in your portfolio? Precision Capital specializes in offering secure and diversified options for your investments. Precision Capital originates private money loans and sells them to private investors for income.

Your Partner in Prosperity

If events of the past year have taught us anything, it’s that the stock market cannot be relied upon to provide a stable rate of return on your investment. We offer investment options and tangible asset acquisitions that offer some of the most secure investment opportunities out there, even in the most adverse economic conditions. Let Precision Capital show you how easy it is to get solid returns.

Call today to discuss investment options and how we might help you achieve your financial goals.

Borrow with Ease and Speed

If you’re looking for a private money loan, we’re here to help.  Precision Capital strives to provide a fast, easy loan.  We can help even if you or your property are not ideal traditional loan candidates, whether it’s because of credit or property condition.

Your local lender

Having helped thousands of borrowers over several decades, we know that not all borrowers are created equal.  Sometimes you’re rebuilding your credit, a house is in poor condition or just needs a hefty dose of TLC. No matter your situation, we’re in the business of “yes.” We love helping people flip and develop properties by providing fast, easy loans in as little as three days.

If it sounds like we’re the right lender for you, contact us for more information on how we can help your real estate dreams become a reality.

We’re in the business of “yes”

We understand the challenges real estate and mortgage brokers face when dealing with issues of challenging credit, properties in disrepair or those being foreclosed. With our no-hassle private money loans, you can quickly secure the financing your client needs and turn that un-financeable listing into a closing. If you need to secure capital for a transaction, but your credit is “almost, but not exactly” exceptional, call us.

What Our Borrowers and Investors Have to Say

It is hard to believe that I have been benefitting from this interest income for over forty years!

I started as a borrower with you many years ago flipping homes.  Over the years I got tired of carrying a hammer in my pocket.  It is so great to be on the Investor side, with you doing the work and me spending the money!

We enjoy the passive income.